Importing Media - can't see "cancel/Ok" buttons

If I select >Insert>Image From File

The dialog that opens extends below the bottom of my viewable screen and as a result the buttons for Cancel and Ok are obscured.

This isn’t a problem if you select something in the dialog, you just hit return and its inserted.
However, if you want to cancel the insertion it appears there is no way to get the insertion window to close other than shutting down the application, or inserting something and then deleting it.

I wondered if anyone knew of a solution to this problem.


You can hit the escape key to close the dialogue.

It still seems odd that the dialogue would be that large. Is your project window far down on the screen? The dialogue moves in association with the main Scrivener window. Or did you lengthen the dialogue in this project when you were working on a larger monitor and now it’s too big for your smaller screen? If that’s the case, you should be able to fix the problem by shortening the dialogue when you’re back on the other screen.

That is odd, but hopefully MM’s solution should fix it. The size of the open/save dialogue panel (which is what is used here) is remembered internally by OS X, which remembers the size, so presumably you must have resized it at some point - the most obvious cause would be MM’s assumption that you may have resized it on a bigger screen at some point, but it’s still strange that OS X doesn’t clip it to fit the current screen resolution.

Regretfully its not a case of resizing on a larger screen and viewing on a smaller screen.
Although I’m running two screens the problem occurs on the larger screen - iMac.
In addition the original scrivener window has its top edge at the top of the screen.

Thanks for the responses.