Importing Other Projects As Sub-Projects

Hi there.

I think it would be neat if I could, say, create a folder in my Project called “My Old Scrivener Project,” and then go to the Finder, pluck a Scrivener Project that is old and sort of disorganized — say, a project that I got bored with and thus abandoned a while back, and that needs new life breathed into it — and then I drop that sucker onto my new Project, right into that folder called “My Old Scrivener Project.” It would be nice if when I did that, Scrivener knew what to do . . . as in set that Project right up inside the old one, with its folder/document hierarchy perfectly intact and ready for editing, just maybe indented one more level, or however many levels it needs to be to conform to the new project’s hierarchy. That’d be pretty cool!

—Andy H.

Try File->Import->Scrivener Project. I think it will create its own folder under Research, but you can then rename that folder and move it wherever you like.