Importing Scapple to Scrivener?

I was using the test version of Scapple, and decided its not for me; but I did put a bit of stuff in there I’d like to extricate it :slight_smile:

I see the notes hereEmbedding Scapple Within Scrivener / Common Feature Requests / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

If you drag notes from a Scapple board into a Scrivener binder (or better yet, a freeform corkboard), you’ll find it does a good job of bringing your rough work into the program for continued refinement.

but before I do so - a few questions.
Is it possible to have multiple separate cork-boards? If so how do I set up a new one for the import of scapple data?
Otherwise I guess I just create a new binder called scapple or the like and drag and drop that way?

None or Infinite. There’s only one Corkboard View in Scrivener. But, since it’s a View of any folder or Document containing subdocuments, you have a Corkboard view for every container in your project. Because the Binder Levels are limitless, you have Infinite Corkboards.

Just create a new folder, drag the Scapple files in it and view the folder in Corkboard Mode.

OK cool thanks I really appreciate it. :+1:

Ok well I created a new folder, and dragged in a file called bardstale-scapple.scap

All it shows on document view is the actual file bardstale-scapple.scap in the folder entitled scapple in scrivener.
It doesn’t open or convert it or anything.
I can’t see any of the contents. Viewing in corkboard mode shows nothing whatsoever.

What am I missing here please?

OK just worked it out - have to drag the stuff across from INSIDE scapple.

All good now, thanks!

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