Importing Screenplay and Splitting By Scene

Greetings all. So I’ve searched this topic and seen a couple of posts but none of them have seemed to work for me.

So I have a partially written screenplay (in WriterDuet but exported to Final Draft format). When I import it into Scrivener it comes as one complete document. I want to split it by scene. When I go to Import and Split the box below the file name is blank.

I’ve seen people respond saying to use the # sign both in that box and throughout the script at the start of every scene. I’ve also seen more recent references to a drop down menu that has Scene Headers listed but I can’t seem to find that. Does anyone have an easy solution for this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

First, make sure you are exporting from WriterDuet to FDX format. If your file doesn’t end with an .fdx extension, Scrivener won’t know it’s a screenplay.

When you select your FDX file in the Import and Split dialog box, the “Final Draft separator element” will appear. It’s set to “Scene Heading” by default.

I’m on the Mac, but I expect it’s very similar on Windows.

Thank you for the response! But this is the dialogue box that I get when I choose an FDX file in the Import and Split option. Maybe this is because I’m on Windows?

Maybe it’s a difference in Windows. I suggest contacting L&L tech support.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Good luck.