Importing Screenplay RTF files?


What’s the proper workflow for importing screenplays in RTF format? I’d like to work on existing scripts in Scrivener, and round-trip them as well.

Scrivener will import its own RTF file properly, maintaining all the screenplay elements, but fails to do so with other programs.
When I try importing RTF files created by Final Draft, Screenwriter or NovaMind, Scrivener reformats every element to General Text.

What step am I missing?

Thanks for your help.

There is no way of doing this currently. Scrivener relies on the formatting being completely in sync with what it judges to be screenplay - or whatever - format. Also, I wouldn’t bother trying to reformat anything until 1.02 anyway, given that screenplay format has changed a little (it now uses the specs you sent me).

I eagerly await 1.02… :wink:

Um. :frowning:

I’m brand-new to Scrivener and am really amazed at the software and this community.

I’ve noticed the question about importing screenplays has come up a couple of different times, and it occurred to me there might be an easy workaround for writers:

If you would list the required margin formatting for Scrivener to recognize (characters, stage directions, etc), then couldn’t the writers do some global changes on their document, so that when they do it import it, it’s now recognizable to Scrivener?

You will be able to see - and modify - the margins in Scrivener 1.04 (which is still a few weeks away).