Importing templates from Dropbox to iPad app

I have just purchased the iPad version and am trying to import, from Dropbox, some templates I obtained elsewhere. However, the app will not do so. I read a post from way back in 2006 (absolute I would hope 12 years later) that said I had to open in the desktop version…blah blah blah… I do NOT have the desktop version, nor do I want to pay for it when I will never use it (my Mac is 8 years old and has a hard time doing much at all anymore). I use my iPad almost exclusively now. I’ve seen lots of topics about not being able to sync, as well as reviews on the iTunes Store, but most are more than a year old so I am hoping this has been updated and fixed. If not, why did I bother to pay for a non-fully-functioning product?

Can I import these templates at all? If so, how?