Importing text plus all metadata into Scrivener

I’ve worked out why my Tinderbox import of Scrivener files wasn’t getting keywords and custom metadata, and can live with the mimimal set of Scrivener metadata that Tinderbox imports with “File:Import from Scrivener…” . However, I would much prefer the full set that dragging a .tsv file gives me if only it also had the ability to bring in the document text as well as the metadata.

Now, my questions concern Scrivener import: since Scrivener is capable of exporting metadata to a .tsv file, why can’t it import one as well?

In general, the import into Scrivener from Tinderbox seems much more limited than the import into TInderbox from Scrivener. Again, if Tinderbox can import a Scrivener file, why can’t Scrivener import a Tinderbox file?

Specifically, the issue is importing/exporting BOTH text + all metadata fields.

Suggestions/comments most welcome.