Importing Update Word Doc Over Old One

I used Scrivener to write my second novel several years ago, then exported it back to a Word doc. It’s been a couple of years, and I’ve done several drafts.

Is it possible to import the new draft, “over” the current old draft in Scrivener, to continue working on it there?

The only way to do it “safely” is copy and paste each chapter from the new into the old. Plus, I have all my notes, pictures, and research in Scrivener …



If you don’t absolutely want it “over” the old draft, you could use import and split.
That’ll create new documents, along the previous ones.

If you feel unsafe, import and split to a blank project, and once the import is fine, drag those documents from binder to binder, projects side by side.

Otherwise, yeah: copy/paste/replace. One document at a time.

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