Importing web link into research folder using MHT


I have attempted to import various web pages using that process as was hoping to be able to use the search function with the result and still keep images (pdf works fine but searching it does not seem to work).

However, when the process goes through (sometimes there are timeouts and I am asked whether I want to wait or import what has been fetched), I end-up with a single link in the page which will, in turn, open a webpage if clicked.

Looking at various podcasts, this seems to work quite fine on Mac-OS: is this a Windows’ restriction ?


Importing Web pages in Scrivener for Windows is a real pain currently, and rather badly broken, IMHO. The techniques used may have been functional when the underlying code was first created some years ago, but apparently it has not kept up with how many Web pages are now created. This is true whether using MHT or Plain Text, in my experience. The only way I was able to get a couple of Web pages into Scrivener yesterday was to clip them into Evernote first, then copy and paste from there into Scrivener.

Thanks David.


I’ve been saving all the web pages I want to import as Mozilla .maff in a special directory. Then I drag it into the appropriate Scrivener research folder. When I need it click on the Scirvener link and Firefox opens it up. It’s a bit cumbersome, but at least it gives me the exact web page and I can copy/paste and search it.

I wish there was a way to annotate or at least highlight text in the saved web page. Am I missing something?

Firefox has several plugins, but from what I saw they all save the annotations online and I need it offline for Scrivener.