Importing Wikipedia Webpages

Hello everyone,

I am having difficulty importing Wikipedia webpages into my project’s Research Folder. I try importing using various formats for importing webpages, but no luck.

I appreciate any help with this.

Thank you.

Importing webpages into Scrivener for Windows can be pretty hit or miss unfortunately. The good news is that we’ve updated the importer in Scrivener 3, which seems to be working well.

Often the MHT format works when the others don’t (though note that Scrivener cannot actually display that web archive - you’ll instead get a link to open it in the default external application), but since you’re not having any luck with any of the import options, an alternative is to save the web page as a PDF and import that. Most browsers have an option to print to PDF if you use File > Print…, and use the option to print to file.