Importing Word or RTF Doc with Footnotes? (Version 3.0)

When I import a Word (.docx or .doc) or RTF document with footnotes into Scrivener, the footnotes are lost (and the text of the footnotes is put into the body of the text) in the process.

Can someone please help me with this? Importing documents with footnotes is important for me.


Yes, I have the same problem! The previous version of Scrivener was simple: I could just drag my Word documents into the binder and the footnotes were changed into inline footnotes. Now I get a message that my Word document will be converted into RTF for editing, and the footnotes are lost (they have become normal text, completely useless).

Really need this problem solved! I couldn’t find ANY information about this problem in the Help section or the Scrivener program…

Conversion to RTF on import has always happened and isn’t affecting this, but there is a bug that is causing the comments and footnotes to import as regular inline text. This is fixed for the next update, which will be out soon. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!