Impossible to create project


I’m sorry, I cannot create a new project, nor open two projects at a time.
Indeed, via Scrivener, I cannot open ANY of my projects.
It is only via my shortcuts in Excel, where I can open ONE project at a time.
As soon as I open another one, 029 crashes.
This means : no drag and drop from project to project…

Now, I wish to create a new project.
In Scrivener, with the “create” box open, I get a crash…
From within Excel, I can only open an existing Scrivener file… NOT a second one, nor create any…
I cannot open tutorial, neither from the “create” dialog, nor from within an open project, without a crash.

This means, that I could not do anything, if I did not have my hyperlinks in an Excel file with all my projects inside.
This also means that I cannot work on more that one file at a time… with all of them being connected together in my work…
Please, help…


I’m sorry you’re experiencing this crash. A number of other users have reported this as well, and Lee is currently working on a fix which should be out soon. In the meanwhile, two things to try:

First, once you have Scrivener open, go into Tools>Options… and in the General tab, deselect the option to have Scrivener open recently opened projects on launch and select the option to have Scrivener show the start window if no projects are open. What may be happening is that every time you open Scrivener, even by opening from a .scrivx directly, a second project is automatically being opened by Scrivener and causing a crash. It sounds like you may have that one already turned off, but it’s worth checking. The second option, having the start panel show, should enable you to open a project, then close that project and create a new one from the start panel without causing a crash. I’m not wholly positive if this is working for other users (and unfortunately I haven’t yet reproduced this issue myself to check), but again, definitely worth a try. The problem otherwise is that when you attempt to create the new project, it opens and causes the crash.

Even if you are still getting the crash then, you should be able to use Windows Explorer to open the newly created project directly from the .scrivx file. With the exception of the “blank” template, which seems to not be creating projects properly, all other templates do seem to create the project fully as they should, but then cause the crash on opening. If you go to Windows Explorer, navigate into the newly created [projectname].scriv folder and launch Scrivener from the .scrivx file there, it should open that new project so you can work on it. Or are you finding that you additionally can’t successfully open projects via Windows Explorer? (Even with the settings listed above, i.e. with Scrivener set not to automatically open recently opened projects.)

Again, I’m very sorry about all the inconvenience of this, but Lee should have a new release soon to fix the problem.

Yes, and one more workaround for creating a new project is to Save As a current project that you have, under a fresh name. This will create a duplicate project, and then crash.

Right afterwards, you can just open Scrivener, and the newly copied project will be there (check the name to be sure). You can strip it quickly by selecting the binder objects you no longer want and sending them to the trash.

That’s provided you have Scrivener in the default settings to re-open last opened project on start. If you don’t, then after the initial crash you can just go to the fresh project folder, and double-click or otherwise open the project.scrivx that’s within it, and go from there.


Here you go. It’s a Brand Spanking New blank project. For those who can’t get in to create a new one. 8)

Feel free to copy, rename, delete, or use at will. (6.91 KB)

I’ve had this problem too. Scrivener 29 crashing out when I either try to create a new project, or try to open an existing project. Tried the fix suggested. It doesn’t seem to improve.

What it does do though, is that whatever project I was trying to open or create, is the one that opens up when I have the open recent projects option selected.

That being said. I adore Scrivener with all my little heart, and my screen looks funny to me if it’s not open. :slight_smile: So please. Keep up the excellent work.

The Error information I pulled from the most recent crash:

Log Name: Application
Source: Application Error
Date: 8/21/2011 4:47:35 AM
Event ID: 1000
Task Category: (100)
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: PC
Faulting application Scrivener.exe, version, time stamp 0x4e4746db, faulting module Scrivener.exe, version, time stamp 0x4e4746db, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x0006d1c9, process id 0x1974, application start time 0x01cc5fe52264c280.
Event Xml:





I am working with start panel open.
It is from there that I cannot open anything, nor create a file indeed.

What I did to help myself was indeed copying an existing project.

Of course, I can open a project via windows explorer… but I get a crash each time. (Win 7)

The only way to really open a project is via hyperlinks in an excel table (this is my trick to connect different projects together).
The only thing I’m missing a lot is the easy drag and drop between projects.
It is just annoying.

Sorry for the “double” post.
I realised a little late that “creating” a project was included in the other post^^