Improve the Markdown files export (with .md files)

i use a lot the Export Files -> multimarkdown format (i archive everything in MM)

but there is this problem:

  1. nobody uses the .mmd extension anymore… every MM app reads the .md file extension… could you please change the Append “.md” extension to “.md” or add this possibility?

thank you


You can remove the mmd extension during export (1) and add the md extension that you want in the file name (2). Works as you want?

Slàinte mhòr.

uhm… i guess your solution works with ONE file… but currently i export all the binder. it creates hundreds of .mmd files (if i don’t check it all the files get no extension at all)

i’ll try later anyway thanks!

Can you select all the exported files, choose “Open With”, and then pick the MD editor you want? Not workable?

Slàinte mhòr.

Or you can batch rename all the exported files in Finder, using the Add-Text option to append the .md extension. Though I suppose you could do that after exporting as mmd by replacing mmd with md.

Hopefully someone else will come up with a better solution.

Slàinte mhòr.

Thanks for the note, we’ll change that option to use .md instead. It shouldn’t matter too much as text editors do not traditionally care about file extensions, save for those that set up syntax highlighting based on them, and most of them can be set to recognise certain extensions as having a certain language. But you specifically refer to “MD” editors, perhaps some of those are more limited in what they can open.

thank you
i currently have and use many text editors… and most of them use just the .md or the .markdown file extension