Improved Statistics


Since it is my first post: Absolutely great program. Thanks a lot!

I have two suggestions (perhaps I also missed something) to improve statistics:

  1. Folders only display the statistic of the text written in them themselves, they do not sum up the word counts of the screvenings they contain. This would be great. Especially for the outline view.

  2. Statistics for the complete project: You can set, that only exportable screvenings are included. Unfortunately, for the project statistics I must export some text which are not included in the word count. It would be great, that one could indicate for a given screvening to include/or exclude for the project statistics.

Of course there is a workaround for point 2 (select the screvenings you want to count -> edit screvenings -> text statistics)

However, it is already better than the solutions from other programs.


[b]I just realized that this was discussed already in an other thread. However, in my view it would be much more logical…