In a perfect world

Hi Guys,

Let me first just say that I’ve been using Scrivener for a couple of months now and I love it. From a screenwriting point of view, all the planning stuff is fantastic. Calling it the dog’s dangly bits simply wouldn’t do it justice. However, for the sake of procrastination I thought I might add a couple of wishes to the list.

I’m on OS X and ever since they implemented it, I’ve been having lots of fun with multiple desktops. I know that Scrivener itself can be dragged between desktops but at the moment (unless I’ve missed it) quick reference panels can’t. Which leads me to the next suggestion - a quick reference cork board. In an ideal world, I’d like the option to show all my scene cards in a quick reference panel that I could then drag to a second desktop. That would allow me to write in full screen composition mode, easily swipe over to another desktop and check my overview, before swiping back and getting down to business. At the moment I have to exit composition mode, navigate to my scene overview, switch to cork board, then move back to the scene I’m working on and finally back to full screen. That doesn’t sound like much but when I’m in full flow, it’s just enough to break my stride.

As I say, this post is more an exercise in procrastination than a demand for new features but I thought, for the sake of wasting another five minutes, that I’d mention it anyway. Keep up the good work. You’ve built an amazing program that’s facilitating incredible creativity all over the world. You guys rock!

Which version of OS X are you on? If it’s Lion or higher, you coud try working in Full Screen instead of composition mode, but setting up the appearance to mimic your scheme for composition mode. You can set the binder and inspector to hide and just slide in from the side of the screen when you move your mouse, same for the main toolbar, so you can get quite a similar look, but one that will allow you to view the corkboard and so on just like normal. So then it would a simple matter of flipping back and forth between documents with forward/back in document history, or even using the split editor.

That is an excellent work around. Thank you for the advice.