In a split view I'd like a pane to show ONE doc, not "Multiple selections" — but how?!

When I split my editor view (outline on left, editor on right), the editor pane always wante to show a “Multiple selection,” that is, multiple docs sepearted by dotted lines. I’d really like it to display ONE document — the one selected in the outline. I’ve tried all kinds of things —unsplitting the editor then resplitting it in different ways, de/re-selecting documents in the outline, twiddling widgets in the footer, hunting through menus, even RTFMing! — but nothing seems to reliably show ONE document. How can I do this? Thanks!

Sounds like you have Scrivenings mode selected.
Snag_142c4335This is a picture of how it looks in Windows but I think it’s similar on the MAC.

If you select a document/folder with documents inside or select a few documents then they will be shown as you describe.
Turn off this mode by clicking on the left icon of those 3.

If this isn’t your issue I’m sure a MAC user will help you.

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