In compiling : the start of Chapter :Message error

I am compiling in Imac-monterey epub-ebook; just in 2 chapter, at the start i see these lines message (see image) ; i do not know ho to proceed

“This page contains the following errors: error on line 382 at column 98: opening and endin tag mismatch: p line 0 and em
Below is a rendering of the page to the first error”

many thanks

Hi Sencony. Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Well, basically it says that there is an error in the coding of your epub.
Each line (or paragraph) has an opening and a closing tag. <something> and </something>.
And apparently, at line 382, you have a closing tag that doesn’t match the tag it is supposed to be closing.

Now, as to what might have caused this, that is another story.
One would need to have a look either at the resulting epub, or better, at your Scrivener project.
This is not everyday stuff.
And unless you did something very odd, that error shouldn’t be in there to begin with.
Perhaps the best thing for you to do would be to contact support directly. (They usually get things figured out quite fast, no worries.)

I’d also say that “line 382” is a mighty large number. How big are your chapters ?
(“Line 382” means “Paragraph 382”)

And what do you use to “read” the resulting epub ? What software do you get that error message from ?

Here is the link to contact support, should you choose to :

@AmberV @kewms

I used ibooks of apple and i recieved that message. Now i am using ADOBE Digital as reader and i do not find anymore the error message. I do not know why there this difference.
For now : solved