In "Docs" folder files aren't given names, only numbers

Hi there. I would like the ability to view and make changes to Scrivener files even when I’m not using a computer with the software. I save my binder on Dropbox, but when I access the “Docs” file within it, all my files are just given numbers, not names. This makes it impractical for me to find the correct file to edit. Is there a way to change this? Also, is there a way to have the files save in .txt format rather than .rtf? Thanks!

AFAIK editing the rtf files out of Scrivener is not recommended due to potential index corruption. Also, rtf is the format of choice because it allows to embed formatting command like italics and bold (among other things). I don’t think it’s possible to change that default to txt.

Thanks. Would you have an answer to the first part of my question? Is there a way for the file names in the “Doc” folder to reflect the titles, rather than just being called “1,” “2,” “3,” etc.?

Nope. AFAIK it’s a Scrivener internal number. But you can find out the pairing using this trick:

Rather than editing the files directly in the project folder, which can result in corrupting the project, you can use Scrivener’s File > Export > Files… feature to copy selected documents to another folder–on your Dropbox or wherever. These will be saved using the binder name of the document and you can choose to save them in .txt format. After you’ve made changes, just open the file on your computer and copy and paste the updates into Scrivener, or import any new documents.