in life, you want to know what is helpful, and what is more helpful than other things

like if you’re curing cancer, you want to know what would be more effective, and what would be less so

that would be helpful to you

it’d make sense for various software, and many other things in this universe, to show what is more helpful

  • what is more commonly helpful

  • & what are extras

there seems to be two features pages:

it’s hard to tell which are more helpful, just like it is with many things

there seems to be have been an update around 17.11

but again it’s hard to tell relative helpfulness of the various features

in life, like with cancer, we dont know what the progress is to curing cancer when we dont know what is more helpful

  • progress is seen by the results/outcomes/metrics/effects

  • when something is helpful it has a positive & good effect

  • good effects are good, and better effects are better than good effects


with anything in life, we have to know exactly – exactly – what is more helpful than other things if there is to be any significant progress

Your question has no answer because it is to vague. It all depends on what you try to achieve. If your goal is to ”cure cancer” you would have to know a lot more to be able to identify the best treatment. What kind of cancer, where in the body, at what development stage, the age and physical condition of the patient, etc.
To be able to answer any of your questions about Scrivener in here, one would have to know what it is you are trying to do. What is it you want to accomplish?

Scrivener is for writing, but you can write snything at all and the best way to use Scrivener depends on what you are writing, how your mental writing process works, etc.

Both are necessary.

Here are best practices:

• Read the overview, then read the features.

• Download the app and try it for the free trial period.

• Explore the User Guide, which is an interactive Scrivener Project.

• Really try to write something with Scrivener, so you get a sense of how it fits to your way of writing.

• Wait to make up your mind until you have done all these things. Before then, you may not be able to make a good choice.

(some folks just need a little guidance.)