In my subjective opinion, Vonnegut is not awfully good

Okay, I just came across this thread (I don’t moderate the writing forums as heavily as I do the Scrivener area). Suffice to say, I’m not a happy bunny. Not because someone didn’t like Vonnegut, mind you, but because of some of the tone in this thread, which isn’t what I have come to love about these forums. Whilst users are free to discuss the merits or lack thereof of particular writers - there are plenty of writers I think are overvalued and about which other users would vehemently disagree with me - simply posting “X author sucks” is not really the sort of content I want or expect in this forum, and I would appreciate it if we could keep discussions about writing and authors on a more sensible and mature level. For the record, yes, I am a bit of a Vonnegut fan, although I was moreso in my twenties than I am now. Before anyone claims otherwise, though, hat’s not the point. I think Salman Rushdie is overrated, and I threw Midnight’s Children down in a fit of rage at his egotistical intellectualism (as a friend described it), but I could explain my precise reasons for doing that, and what’s more, that is my own subjective opinion and I certainly wouldn’t claim that “Rushdie sucks” - it just happens that his style of writing doesn’t appeal to me.

I am therefore closing this thread and renaming it to something less “flame bait”-ish, and I would like to kindly request that in future, where users wish to say that they don’t like a particular author - which is absolutely fine - they explain their reasons in a considered manner, taking into consideration what they see as the literary merits or lack thereof, and then remain open to discussion with users who disagree with them. If all you are going to do is come along, make some attacks without backing up your opinions with textual evidence, and then run away saying that everyone else is uninteresting, you should only expect other users to get a bit ratty.

Thank you to those users who exhibited a fair amount of calm and patience in this thread. Hopefully now normal service can be resumed…

Best regards,