In need of prejudices.

Hi there.

Well, as the title so subtly states it, I’m searching every corner of the world for prejudices. Known and unknown, harsh and kind, true and false, I don’t really care, as long as it’s a prejudice in some way. I would very much like it if there were some that were specifically gender-oriented. That’d be neat.

So, if you know any prejudices, may they be your own or some you’ve heard, please do share. I would very much like to collect as many as I possibly can.

  • Jack.

Vic says I am cruel to noobs; t’aint so. Trolls are another matter.

I do think that writers have an obligation to conduct research, not collect stories that might be apocryphal, unfounded, or (gasp) prejudiced via a broad inquiry on an Internet forum.

Is this a real project? Have you been at work on it for some time? Do you have a publisher? A little more background, please. What does “searching every corner of the world” really mean?

A good start is this article, with a good bibliography and links:

Yre like a rat catchers Jack Russel Terrier, sniffin`em out and worrying em to death!!

Aw, c’mon Vic (and Droo as well). Have consideration for the less fortunate among us. Surely this is an instance, not of a beleaguered writer, but of an abstraction-deficient fellow human being. Note that Jack apparently does comprehend a few abstractions: true and false, gender. Is it really too much to ask that you list a couple hundred prejudices?

On second thought, perhaps you were, in your typically gentle and indirect fashion, providing examples of prejudice.

Wait, wait. Was my admonition in that first paragraph unwitting evidence of yet another prejudice?

Good grief, I seem to be caught in an endless loop of self-referentialistic recursion. I hate when that happens.

Oh-oh. Hate. Another prejudice sneaking.

Stop me before I prejude again…


[size=150]PHILIP!! IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE? :open_mouth: !![/size]

It seems more like a distraction deficient one to me!


He lives in upstate NY. As a fellow upstater I can attest to the fact that some this time of year there isn’t much else to do. There is burning your furniture for heat, but that gets old quick.

PJS, I apologize for the public association to one of the +3. I beg your forgiveness.


Damn. I didn’t realize that had been uploaded already. But yes, now that you’ve outed me, I guess I should own up completely.

That guy in the black suit? That’s me. I know, I know, I don’t look quite as Gaelic as you might have expected. And perhaps I look younger than you might have thought. It’s the vitamin A and a lot of yoga.

I’m thinking of opening a studio and giving lessons, if anyone’s interested.


We went through most of the furniture last winter. This winter, we’ll probably knock out all the non-load-bearing walls; it’s an old house, the studs will burn nicely, and the open space may be just right for the prejuding lessons.


I don`t know why I hang out with this lot! :frowning: :confused:

Surely you mean a lot of yoghurt

Judging by these nefarious and iffy-ish characters you hang out with, nobody is going to accuse you of being predisposed to prejudice.
Do take care
Dr Mulality


You mean… they’re not the same thing?


I did wonder why the exercise mat was so slippery.

You do all realise, that not one of you sexist/misogynistic/male chauvinistic pigs, has thought to extend the hand of welcome, to Jacqueline. Typical.
Welcome to Prejudice Inc. -jack

First and foremost, I should probably thank Vic. It’s nice with a nice tone. Who would have thought my first post in here would make people question both my ability to write and to think? Alas (:

As for druid’s questions, I hope these answers will make your day (and forgive me for any sarcasm that might be perceivable in there, I’m just so happy about the warm welcome ;p):

Firstly, yes, this is for a real project. It’s not something that I have been working on for ages, two to three months perhaps, but something quite near and dear to me nonetheless. Secondly, no, I don’t have a publisher, it’s probably a good idea to get the thing written first, and thirdly, the meaning of “searching every corner of the world”? Well, let’s just say I’m pretty pompous in my phrases from time to other (;

Oh, and I feel like adding an extra fourth and final; it’s not that I haven’t done my own fair share of research, I just happen to be from a quite small country where we really only prejudge each other, so I thought I’d ask what was going on in the outer edges of the world, hoping that creative minds would throw something at me that perhaps wasn’t the usual “Old people think the younger generation lacks respect” because, to be quite frank, everyone can figure that much out themselves. Forgive me for this childish and unprofessional approach? ;p How embarrassing for someone like me who’s been writing for ten years, all the way through with the ambition to actually be a published writer some day ;>

Nevertheless, thanks for the link. It seems good, so I’ll go and read it in perfect silence and return once my mind works again (;

J –

If you are looking for prejudices, the preceding several posts ought to provide enough data to keep you busy for a few days.

Do beware the extended hand of Fluff, however. It may simply be a mask for some other aspect of Vic.


Isn’t it early for the cold to have frozen your brain? Heck, it isn’t really even cold yet. So how can you say may?

This is how the carpet baggers managed to while away the south. They confused us with illogical logic like the above.

We all know vic-k is nuts. Must we refrain from calling him so?

[size=70]The intended demonstrable prejudie (wouldn’t that be a plur of prejudice?) in the above is 5. The implied (no duplication) is 2.[/size]

Mr Jaysen,
over at: a thread to which you yourself contributed copious content, were you unaware, during your sojourn therein, that germane to the discussion, en général , was the disdain shown by the literati, t`wards those predisposed to overstating the patently and painfully obvious? Obviously not :frowning:
Do take care
Dr Mulality

An unwarranted rebuke, Docteur! Does not the human half brain, speak naught but the truth? And the truth, without doubt, is that the fool vic-k, est un écrou! But more to the point, l’arbre étreinte Hippy, Druid, needs to be permanently sedated, or fitted with a muzzle, preferably both. The tree hugger is, how you say, “A pain in le arse!! Non? Oui?
You may go now Docteur, I will speak with the lovely Jacqueline.

Ahh, Jacqueline mon Chéri, mon Amour, concern yourself not, with these dim witted, feckless and fickle human inbreds. They are of little or no consequence. I Le Directeur, am all you need.

You name it…I hate it, Come liaise avec moi, sur le pont de poop, and I shall regale thee with all the things I love to hate.
Take Care my Sweetness
Le D :smiling_imp:

I rest my case.


Yeah, but you`re prejudiced.

Prejudiced? Me? Absolutely. So are you and everyone else. What is a prejudice other than an opinion, a belief, a point of view? Some are more popular or admirable or intriguing than others, and so escape the “prejudice” label.

Some are truly essential to our survival: absent pre-judging, humans would never have made it out of the caves.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.


No I`m not! :frowning: I hate prejudice :imp: