In Scrivenings Mode, empty document text is centered

I hadn’t noticed this until recently, but now I’m getting something odd when I edit an empty document that I’m viewing in Scrivenings mode. The empty line above the next document’s divider line is set to center the text and has a lot of tab stops when I view the ruler. The ruler and text alignment look exactly the same when I cursor up or down onto either the title text or onto the horizontal line that divides each document.

But when I view one of those same documents as individual files, the text is left-justified, and there are only the beginning paragraph indents to be seen in the ruler.

Is this a known bug, or did I do something odd to make those files act that way in Scrivenings mode, but not when viewed individually?

Do you mean when you go to type that it is centred? Or just the line above the divider line where you aren’t allowed to type? (Sorry for the late reply!)
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Hmmm. The bug seems to be decreasing in severity.

For some reason, this minor bug manifests when I use a particular Scene template and then position my cursor in the space where the text should go. It displays the same ruler (with lots of tab marks) as when you position the cursor on the dividing line between scrivengings and centers the cursor on the empty line. But when I type something, it immediately shifts the cursor to the proper position on the left, and the numerous tab stops disappear from the ruler.

So, I guess there’s not really a bug.

I could have SWORN that the text remained centered as I typed at some point, but I have no idea what’s going on. It’s vaguely possible that my scene template is based on a document in the last version of 1.x. Where there template documents in 1.x? I can’t recall. Or it may be something else entirely.

I’ll report back if I run into the original issue again, and see if I can package that up into something I can upload.

For clarity’s sake, I’ve attached two images and the test project that displays this odd, but currently benign behavior. Pay close attention to the ruler and the cursor position. Or don’t pay any attention and find something worth doing instead. :wink:

Bug (24.8 KB)

I guess you’ll have to trust me on the centered bit. The cursor doesn’t show up in the screen shots, though you can see that I’ve got the current line highlighted, so at least you know the vertical position of the cursor.

I’ve seen that sometimes before - it can happen that Scrivener correctly sets the typing attributes but the cursor still appears in the wrong position until you start typing. And empty scrivenings with titles visible is a place you are likely to see this, because a lot of jiggery-pokery is involved to ensure the typing attributes are correct.

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