In split panel mode, can't switch the file for one of the panels

So usually I work in split panel mode, with one file, titled “offcuts,” on left side, and another file, let’s say, “draft 1,” on the right side. Binder open to the very left. But lately I can not change what file appears on the right side.

I put my curser in the “draft 1” text window on the right. I click on a different file on the binder. The right panel stays the same and the “offcut” left panel changes.

If I lock the left panel, and put my curser again in the right “draft 1” window, and then go the binder and try to click on a new file, nothing changes.

The right side header (with the file name “draft 1”) is always highlighted gray. The left side header (with “offcuts”) is always highlighted blue. A blue line under the header does change sides depending on where I’m clicking. But even if there is a blue line on the right header under “draft 1,” I still can’t change what file the right panel shows by clicking on the binder.

If I go back to single pane mode, then return to double pane mode, the same thing happens - both panes are the same file. Even if my curser is in the right pane, the left pane switches if I move around the binder.

I’ve used Scrivener for years and have never encountered this so I wonder if I accidentally altered a setting?


It’s possible you have the “Binder affects…” menu option selected so that it only affects the left panel, no matter what. Go to the Help menu, type in “Binder affects” in the search bubble there, and that should lead you to the right menu.

Ah that was it!! The left panel only was selected in the “binder affects.” Thank you so much. What a relief!