In terms of export, how are Scrivener file groups treated differently from folders?

When I export as docx.
thanks in advance for your time and help

When you export (File → Export) the contents of a project, the hierarchy of the binder will be maintained. If your hierarchy looks like this:

  1. Manuscript
    2. Chapter Folder
    3. Scene
    4. Scene

Then upon export, you’ll have top folder Manuscript, click inside and see Chapter Folder, and click inside that and see your two Scene documents.

It doesn’t make a difference if you have documents nestled within other documents in the hierarchy. The folder structure is what is recognized when exporting. You can convert any file to a folder by control-clicking that binder item and choosing that option.

Note that a folder cannot itself display content in Finder, so any content you might have in the main editor of a folder itself would need to be shifted to a subdocument.

This is, of course, different if by “export” you mean Compile—the two are sometimes used interchangeably when they are quite different functions.

Thank you for your reply. The point of my question was specifically to understand how Scrivener manages the export and if I should be concerned about any text contained in a folder or file group prior to export.

After testing, my understanding is that it’s not a problem, ie that I don’t need to shift or copy anything as a subdocument because in the export process Scrivener will take the folder or file group containing text and automatically create 2 items in Finder: one folder (obviously empty) and one duplicate ie a sub document containing the text of the original folder or file group.

Is this correct ?

thank you

Oh, yes, you’re right! I forgot about that and just tested to double-check that. So yes, either way, you will not lose any text. The only export differences would be the hierarchy of the information. Documents under a folder will appear within that folder and documents under a document will appear at the same hierarchy level within the containing folder.

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thank you very much Jen !