In text citation Mendeley

Hi there,

I just recently started writing my PhD with Scrivener and I love it! However, I have most of the research in Mendeley and I cannot seem to find a way to cite-as-I-write. I can only copy the full reference. This makes of course the process very tedious! Is there any work around for this?

Thanks in advance!

Petition Mendeley to support a writing workflow in anything other than MS Word? I asked last year helping someone with their workflow; the response I got back was pure generic corporate BS about valuing my feedback and striving to make X better for everyone blah blah. The older desktop app did offer the use of BibTeX keys, but the newer web-as-desktop app even removed that. My recommendation is switch to a better reference manager, or sign your pact with the devil and downgrade to writing exclusively in MS Word…