Inadvertent Reordering of cards in Corkboard view

When playing around in the Corkboard view, I kept accidentally rearranging the index cards when trying to double click on the synopsis to edit it.

After further testing, I think I found at least part of the problem:

  • Create a corkboard view with at least three index cards in it

  • Take the middle card and drag it to the right, but less than halfway over the next card. The line pops up to the right of the middle card, and if you release, nothing changes (which is correct.)

  • Now, take that same middle card and drag it to the left, but again less than halfway. As expected, the line pops up to the left of the middle card (as expected.) But when you release the mouse, the cards switch, which is not correct.

  • If you drag over halfway, in either direction, the cards swap. This is correct.

    I think that what was happening to me was that my double click sloppily became a partial drag (my fault), that triggered a swap of the index cards (Scrivener’s fault).

It seems like this should be easy to fix.

This is a known bug - fixed for beta 3.