'Inbox' Tab as in DevonThink

Firstly, apologies- I am sure this must have been talked of before, but I couldn’t find it through a search or in the first 20-odd pages.

What I would love to see is an inbox that lives in a tab at the side of the screen into which documents can be dragged. I know there are other ways to import documents, but especially on the small screen of the new MBA, I would find this so helpful.

I use Scrivener in Spaces, maximised to fill the screen, so drag-and-drop importing (e.g. from the desktop) is annoying me-I have to keep shrinking windows. And I don’t always want to have to open files to use the services menu to import, especially if there are a lot of them.

Simply importing documents to the research folder would be fantastic. Being able to write notes which transform into new documents would be amazing!

Anyway, hope this makes sense (I’m not a morning person)!


I love DevonThink, it’s my favourite research app, but I’m afraid that I absolutely hate those inbox tabs - they drive me up the wall and the first thing I do when I see them is swear and turn them off. So I’m afraid I won’t be adding one to Scrivener. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

I use the Sorter constantly for DevonThink, and rarely put much in the Research folder of Scrivener. If you have both applications, there’s little need to force Scrivener into becoming a database, which it’s not.

But if you’re working with Scrivener on a small screen, you may use the Scratch Pad and perhaps create a keyboard stroke to bring it up. I don’t know about dragging documents to it; that’s a job for EverNote or Spring Pad, or SimpleNote, I would think, and you may park them on the Dock until needed.

You could use a middle step–create a folder on the Dock and drag your documents to that, then drag that to Scrivener later to import them all.

Scylax, would keyboard shortcuts help you in this regard at all? Apologies if this is too elementary, but I worked on the Mac for a long time before I realized that you could drag and drop “through” the Exposé, application-switching, etc. commands. So, with the Scrivener window maximized, I think it is pretty convenient to use F12 to expose the desktop (or alternatively, command-Tab, F8 or F9 depending on where the document I want to drag in is located), begin the drag, and then use the keyboard to switch back to Scrivener and complete the drop. Of course, the Scrivener Binder needs to be open before you start the procedure.

(I also didn’t know for a long time that you could grab the document icon in the title bar of an open window to move the document, if the document has been saved. That too saved me a lot of fiddling once I learned that. :blush:)

That doesn’t speak to your main question, though. I have often thought that it would be pretty cool to have a universal window of some kind through which one could dump things into different Scrivener projects, even if they weren’t open. (But I don’t really like the DT implementation. I do like the OF and Things quick-entry windows.)

Thanks all for the replies and suggestions- much appreciated!

I won’t deny I’m disappointed that a tab inbox won’t be considered, but obviously it doesn’t suit everyone. I happen to be a fan of those tabs- I have 9 on my 11" screen!

The other suggestions are good ones-no they don’t exactly solve my problem, but they help, so thank you all! I hadn’t thought of using keyboard shortcuts and Exposé, so I’ll give that a try.