Include all chapter titles in PDF bookmarks

Hi. I want to know how to include every chapter title in the “bookmarks” section of Acrobat. Currently only the two main section headings are showing there. The section type is set to “headed section” for the section folders, and “chapter” for the chapters. Thanks!

You can read about the criteria used for this feature, in §24.23, PDF Settings of the user manual PDF. In short though, all you need is a visible title of some sort for the assigned Section Layout, which it sounds like you’re already using. Are you sure you are viewing the outline tree properly in Acrobat? I don’t have a copy of it myself (and am not sure if “Bookmarks” is the same thing as the table of contents), so cannot comment in detail on what you should be looking for.

To see whether it is a problem with the PDF or the viewer, I would try opening the PDF in Preview instead, and use the View ▸ Table of Contents menu command. You should see a tree view where you can expand and collapse sections.

Thank you for this—and apologies for the delayed reply; my day job caught up with me!

I opened in Preview and still only seeing the “Headed Section” bits, not the chapters, so it must be related to my settings in Scrivener. I’m afraid I’m not sure what you mean by a “visible title of some sort for the assigned Section Layout”. The assigned section layout for the items I want to show up is “Chapter”, and they all have a title in the left-hand area of the screen.

Yes, I think in most of the stock Formats, the “Chapter” section layout should produce a heading that appears in the text, and in turn would produce an entry in the PDF navigation tree. So I’m afraid I can’t say what’s set wrong without more information on the context.

It might help to send a simple example demonstrating your setup. If you can show how a little dummy text in a blank project fails to produce a navigation tree, using stock settings, then zip it up and attach it as a response. If that does work on the other hand, then it might be fruitful to examine what is different between that and your project.