Include selected text in Export of Comments/Annotations


I’d love to have the option to see the selected/highlighted text included when I do exports of Comments/Annotations. In other words, let’s say I have the following text:

In Geneva the weather is damp.

And damp is highlighted because I selected that word to add a comment to it.
And let’s say the comment would be:

Can I find a better term here?

Then I’d love to be able to see this reflected in the Export in the following manner:
damp (ideally in italics or some other way to distinguish it from the comment text itself)
Can I find a better term here?

I love the “Include Titles” option while exporting, it’s absolutely great. But to be able to include the highlighted word or passage as well would help enormously identify what the comment is about once one reads it as part of the exported Comments/Annotations document.

Oh, and if it were possible to visually separate the exported Comments/Annotations from each other more clearly (more than just line breaks), that would help as well, since in my case, the content of my different Comments can also include line breaks and this makes it look confusing on the page.

So, an example of an ideal result for me (using the “Include Titles” option) would be like this:

Chapter 1
Can I find a better term here?

Chapter 1
And then the large engine fired up
Ask Joanne if these kinds of engines ever get turned off


THANK YOU for a great program, regardless