Included and excluded document search

In the search criteria there is an option for Search “Included” documents (SID) and Search “Excluded” documents (SED). I’m confused. My protagonist is named Ryan. If I select Text, Any Word, Search Manuscript Only, and check both SID and SED, my entire manuscript shows up in the results, which I would expect. However, if I uncheck SED, only two chapters show up in the results.

Why would I need to select both to see all results, when I said to search the entire manuscript? What does SID mean and SED Mean?

Thanks for your input. I’m sure the answer is very simple, I’m just not seeing it.



Likely all your documents but two are excluded from compile. (?)

My best guess would be that last time you compiled you wanted only two specific documents, and instead of compiling a binder selection, you’ve unchecked them all but these two in the compile panel’s documents list on the right. (?)

If so, next time rather select your documents in the binder, launch compile, and set the scope like this :

And for the time being, use the outliner or the compiler and set your documents back as “included in compile”.

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Thank you. So Scrivener could be clearer if the search options were Search “Compiled” Documents instead of Search “Included” Documents. Makes sense now since I did only have two chapters compiled the last time.

Compiled has nothing to do with it.

The only thing to learn here is that the setting I screenshotted above is the very same setting than the box next to documents’ titles in the compiler’s list of documents to compile.

Checking / unchecking that box has an impact on the project itself, not just that one compile.

If you uncheck a document in the compiler’s list, it is no longer included in compile until you set it to be included again.

So don’t. If you want to compile only part of your project, select the documents you want to compile in the binder and compile “current selection”.
Or use other filtering methods.
But don’t waste your time checking / unchecking documents in the compiler’s list. :wink: