Included in Draft & Full Corkboard

It would be nice if there was somewhere with a list of previously reported bugs or something so we’d know if we weren’t just reporting something someone else had already found.

Anyway, 2 bugs:

  1. Included in Draft

It seems like the Included in Draft flags get lost. When I save/exit and then come back, the Included In Draft stuff appears to be re-set and I have to go through and re-click everything to keep it from being part of the draft.

A related thing is, shouldn’t Research items have the Include In Draft automatically off?

  1. Full Corkboard

When the corkboard is full, there’s nowhere to click on the corkboard to add new stuff. I mean sure, I can click on the Binder and open up something there and I can play with opening and closing stuff so that the corkboard changes size and hopefully doesn’t completely fill up the screen so that it leaves a partial row at the end. BUT, if the corkboard is totally full, it should allow you to scroll further down to an empty row so that you can add more cards down there.

I saw the same issue with “Include in draft”. I just wanted to add that I installed the 1.2 beta and the retested. The issue still exists.