Including footnotes in word count

Hello everyone!
I noticed that the writing history doesn’t include footnotes. Since I’m writing papers, they’re relevant to me to be included in the daily history.
Thank you in advance

Overall if recording the writing of footnotes is important to the type of work you are doing, it will be better to draft them using the Inline Footnotes feature, so they are a part of the main text and counted.

You can always convert them later on if you prefer the sidebar approach, once they have been counted (see the Edit ▸ Transformations ▸ submenu for conversion commands, which do indeed work in a bulk fashion). Just be aware that any further edits made to them while they are outside of the text editor won’t be counted.

Thank you for your answer. I clicked on "convert comments to inline footnotes but nothing happened. Similarly, if I try to insert an inline footnote, nothing is created. I don’t know if it’s a bug or I am missing something

The menu command you provided does not exist verbatim, so I suspect something might have been crossed up. Perhaps you do not use inspector comments at all, so nothing would have been converted (and that’s probably not what you would have wanted anyway). Whatever the case you probably want to convert Inspector footnotes to inline footnotes. That will inject all of the footnotes listed in the inspector sidebar into the main editor as inline footnotes.

Similarly, if I try to insert an inline footnote, nothing is created.

That makes sense, if that’s all you did, or did you try typing as well? It is inline. Note, it’s okay to start and end an inline footnote with a space, to avoid spell checker issues and to make it more readable. Scrivener will strip out the extra spaces on compile.

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