Including vertical line and line numbers in margin

I am a trial attorney and use Scrivener heavily. Much of my work ends up having to be compiled into MS Word documents for collaboration with others inside and outside my firm. In legal pleadings in California, we have to have a vertical double line in the left margin of the document and line numbers down the page (see screenshot). My Word templates provide for this. Is it possible in Scrivener (macOS) to either

directly create the double-line and line numbers in the margin, so that they are already there on export (which would give me more flexibility to export directly to PDF or another format, or

export directly into my legal pleading template instead of Word’s normal template?

Appreciate any guidance you can provide on this. Thank you.

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Years later now, and the line numbering remains unresolved and unuseable. So annoying!

Did you find a workaround?

Not possible to export to a Word template with styles defined as you want? Should not be that difficult. do the formatting in Word.