Incompatible Qt libraries - libQtDBus - under KDE

Hi all,

I have already put down my experiences in another thread ([url]]) but it occurs to me that by carrying on in that thread I may have made it hard for people with the same problem I’m having to find it – the problem being that when I try to run Scrivener (beta 0.29) under Arch or Mandriva, I get an error like this:

[chris@Oblio LiteratureAndLatte]$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib bin/Scrivener Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (version 0x40603) with this library (version 0x40702) Aborted
On my Arch installations, Qt is newer than the libs included with Scrivener; on my Mandriva partition it’s older.

I’m pretty sure Scrivener’s included Qt libs are intact and in the right place and I’ve told system to look for them there.

To check my sanity, I went so far as to install Kubuntu on a spare partition and installed the 0.29 beta in the same way as on my other three partitions (two computers with Arch, one of which has Mandriva too). Scrivener runs on the Kubuntu installation, no errors.

I notice that as of today someone else using Arch Linux has mentioned having this problem, in a comment on the page for the (outdated) AUR package (

Progress! In Mandriva, if I log on using xfce instead of KDE, Scrivener runs!

I updated to the 0.35 beta today too, but it doesn’t run under my KDE so it wasn’t the Scrivener update that changed the situation.

I’d read a thread by user ZelaoN on the PCLinuxOS forum ( that

I also found this quote at

I was using the Oxygen theme, but changing the theme and icons doesn’t change the problem. I tried to remove the oxygen-icon-theme package but apparently 218 packages, essentially all of KDE, depend on it on my Mandriva system.

If Oxygen/KDE is the problem, I don’t understand why Kubuntu, which, according to Wikipedia’s entry on the Oxygen Project, uses the Oxygen theme, doesn’t come up with the conflict.

I’d be tempted to ask Lee to include in the tarball just to check if that solves the problem, but it’s kind of speculative. If anyone here can tell me how to check if something else is calling a system Qt lib, I’d be happy to give it a shot.

I’m running Kubuntu, and it seems to be working fine for me. I have been under the impression that Oxygen is just the KDE theme, so shouldn’t really matter. Granted, I don’t understand the theme-ing process, so I could be wrong.

The only thought I have is that it could have something to do with the way it’s packaged in other distributions.

I know it isn’t Oxygen, since that’s the theme I’m currently using.

Well, I learned something but didn’t get myself up and running. :confused:

Found an rpm for qt 4.7.2 (couldn’t find a package for Arch or Mandriva; I think this was for Scientific Linux) and extracted from there using rpm2cpio and cpio. Put it into the /usr/local/LiteratureAndLatte/lib directory with all the appropriate symlinks. I no longer get the incompatible libraries error! Scrivener starts up. But as soon as I try to open the tutorial, I get a segfault:

[chris@Oblio LiteratureAndLatte]$ ./bin/Scrivener could not read from search indexes file Scrivener(1965)/ KSycocaPrivate::openDatabase: Trying to open ksycoca from "/var/tmp/kdecache-chrisdeQmAJ/ksycoca4" Segmentation fault

The first thing that happens is the “could not read from search indexes file” error, which I was getting on the other computer when I installed Scrivener and ran it using LXDE, so I think it’s probably unrelated (though it prevents me from looking at the tutorial file).

The second thing: I know relatively little about compiling and packaging, but my first guess is that this library isn’t actually compatible with the other qt libs in the LiteratureAndLatte directory. But the fact that it was named 4.7.2 seems to have eliminated the “incompatible Qt libraries” error, so something must be calling libQtDBus when I try to run Scrivener under KDE on my Arch and Mandriva systems (though not on my Kubuntu installation).