incompatible with current version

Version incompatibility

Is there any way to salvage projects created under a beta that the current one no longer recognizes? I hadn’t realized that I’d need to open every project under each new version to keep them recognizable, and now all but two of seven projects are incompatible with the current version.

Well, you’re not supposed to have to. But you know. Betas. :neutral_face:

Try this:

  1. With the incompatible project closed, open Files\version.txt in a plain-text editor (e.g. Notepad).
  2. Select all and type “16” (no quotes) and save it.

That may be enough. If not,

  1. With the project closed, make a duplicate of the .scrivx file within the project, then delete the original (you can rename the duplicate just “project” if you like).