Incomplete PDF

I’m having trouble exporting my Scrivener document as a pdf. It appears to work, but in the PDF pages will be cut from the final scene of the compiled document. This happens even if I delete scenes and/or chapters to make the book shorter.

It’s quite maddening, and any help would be appreciated. For the record, the complete document is 115K words. Big, but not outrageously so.

Look at your Compile settings. The missing pages are probably not included, either because the documents themselves are not, or because you’ve assigned a Section Layout that does not include the text.


Turned out if was something to do with the layouts. Maybe a text sizing thing? The page numbers in the pdf and the page numbers compiled didn’t match, so that the pdf stopped once it reached what it thought was the end of the document, I think.

Anyway, I copied a new version of the default Courier manuscript format, made a couple changes to meet my needs, and the pdfs now have the complete document.