Inconsistencies With Spelling and Grammar

Hi Keith et al,

I posted a similar issue a while back with regard to just grammar, but now I’m seeing inconsistencies with spelling also, so have started a new thread.

When writing a novel, you often come up with fictional names – I have a place called Shotover Farm, for example – and I like to add these words to the user dictionary so they don’t distract me from genuine misspellings. And, although I know the grammar checker is notoriously flawed, I still use it to pick up the occasional genuine error, while ignoring erroneous grammar suggestions.

However, even after a clean install (of High Sierra, apparently, my system is too old for Mojave) I am seeing inconsistencies with the checker. And I don’t think it’s a Mac OS issue because it doesn’t happen in Word or in the Notes app. It does appear to be Scrivener specific.

Sometimes, right clicking on a word will give you the option to add the word to the user dictionary, and sometimes it won’t:

Sometimes it will give you the option to Ignore grammar you are happy with, and sometimes it won’t:

But Word and Notes, using exactly the same excerpt, work every time to Learn Words and Ignore Grammar:

It’s a bit frustrating that the right click doesn’t always work. I have to go into SPELLING AND GRAMMAR, SHOW SPELLING AND GRAMMAR, and LEARN the words that way.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Discussed this with AmberV in another post.

When trying to fix an issue with the Corkboard, spelling and grammar stopped working altogether!

Apparently, this is a MacOS bug. A quick reboot has solved the problem for now, but apparently, it will keep coming back, along with inconsistencies with keyboard replacements - something I have also seen regularly where I have to reboot to get en dashes auto-replaced with em dashes.