Inconsistent formatting and indentation for hierarchical ordered / unordered / bullet lists

I am using the current Windows version.

Indentation for single level (and even more so hierarchical) ordered / unordered / bullet lists is all over the place when typing natively within Scrivener. It is even worse when trying any type of copy>paste from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other applications.

Is this a known issue? If so, is there a plan for resolving it?

BONUS: It would be SO HELPFUL if there was a way to use keyboard shortcuts for lists, which is common in almost all [basic] rich text editors.

Thank you for your time.

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I am having the same problem. I use numbers and bullet lists but want to change the format so the number or bullet aligns to the left margin. I can do it on the ruller, but cant find a consistent way because somethings I do will work fine and then next time entirely different. Been having this problem for years. How to easily change the indentation alignment of the lists. The pre formatted options from the menu are far too indented for my use. Thanks for any help
Jac ColĂłn

I should have mentioned that I am using a MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2019) withMAC OS Version 11.2.3 (20D91)

Hopefully someone responds with a solution or this is a known issue with a planned resolution.

Lists are pretty basic, simple, and fundamental content structures…

This is my first post to this forum… are there any expectations of L&L customer service or support responding to posts or helping?

I keep running into so many issues with lists… and I don’t understand (1) why this is such a problem or difficult to solve, and (2) how others aren’t having issues and/or aren’t more discouraged or frustrated… especially since lists have been some of the most basic and foundational content structures for every document editing / word processing solution for over 20+ years.

I assume I’m missing something, but I have no idea what or what to do.

Any help would be appreciated

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I have had some problems with lists, both how they copy between Scrivener and Word, but also how they work fully within Scrivener alone. I haven’t really tried to figure it out and have just been improvising around inconsistencies, but it appears that how lists work, or may appear to not work, will depend on what if any formatting or style is either 1) applied to the list after the list is created, or 2) applied to the underlying text that was turned into the list.

Some list condition also determines whether or not pressing Enter at the end of a list item will result in a new item, or will exit the list and drop you into non-list text of some formatting or another. I have documents where it happens both ways.

I have tried to create styles based on lists with a particular formatting, thinking they would then be reproducible, but it appeared that list settings are not included within Style settings. Not sure. .

I have experienced inconsistencies and unreliable behaviors involving Styles in S3 that are leading me to decide to engage the style system as little as I can manage, and to not depend on styles in S as anything other than local text formatting (which is kind of how it was in S1 too, despite some S3 progress in this area.)

I must use unordered / bullet lists more than others and/or must be doing something wildly wrong because I run into issues with inconsistent and finicky bullet lists constantly during every use Scrivener… it drives me crazy! Multiple level list indentations and bullet characters ONLY work incredibly erratically (at best)… it’s almost completely unusable :frowning:

I find numbered lists in Scrivener to be unworkable when changing the order of items. I no longer try.

It’s been suggested to remove the bullets from the list, work on it without bullets, and then add the bullets again. But it’s easier and more satisfying to use the sync folder, and then open the rtf in Word and work there, then import back in the Scriv. Even then, unnumbered bullets brought in from Word do not display the bullet characters correctly.