Incorporate Project Notes into the Binder

(Windows and Mac version)

I’d like to have Project Notes be a main heading in the Binder that could be ALSO displayed in a separate window by clicking on its icon on the tool bar RATHER THAN as a strictly separate application as it is now (in Windows version – don’t know how the Mac version works on this).

The advantage to this is that it adds:

  1. The full collapsible outline capability of the editor and binder. That is, copious project notes would be manageable under an unlimited hierarchical outline structure rather than being limited to a dozen or so tabs with long screens requiring a lot of scrolling to find anything (as in the Windows version).
  2. Project notes could be (selectively) included in searches. (e.g. Where the hell did I put those project notes on my Protagonist’s pet rhinoceros??)
  3. Project notes in the Binder would adapt well to using in split-screen or multiple monitors for those quick look-ups or note updates.
  4. Project notes could be (selectively) included in compilations of working drafts, etc.


I don’t know if this idea will see the light, but on the meantime, remember that you can create your own folder called “Project Notes” (or whatever) on the binder and manage it just the way you describe.

We are in fact doing away with project notes and instead introducing a more flexible bookmarks+QuickReference feature that will allow you to do everything you ever did with project notes but with all the advantages of them being in the binder. Watch this space. :slight_smile:


Project Notes is my favorite feature. Its handy tabs are always floating around onscreen somewhere or other, often in tandem with a QR window; that both are always accessible with a menu click without navigating my way around the binder is, for me, The Killer Feature.

But it’ll show up on the Mac long before Windows? :smiley:

Don’t worry - you’ll be able to everything you already do with Project Notes. Basically, you’ll be able to open a list of bookmarks (which will replace References) in a sidebar in QR panels and navigate through them. You’ll also be able to select a bookmark in the Inspector and view its document right there in the Inspector. So you would just have your notes in the binder and add them to the bookmarks, then use a QR window to navigate between them. (And you can set a folder into which new bookmarks should be placed, so you can still add new notes within the window.) You’ll be able to do everything you can already do with Project Notes, then, but you’ll also be able to use any type of document and export and print them and have all the other advantages that regular documents have.

rontarrant - it will appear on the Mac first, yes, because the next major Mac update is scheduled to come out before the Windows version, but the Windows version is being worked on at the same time and we’ll have news of both later in the year.

Will this also be included as part of Sync? Right now I have to maintain a duplicate text file, copying the notes into it so as to add to the research files that are synced into the Notes folder.

They’ll just be regular binder documents, so yes.

Interesting; I’ve eschewed Project Notes for anything related to story telling because they’re out of sight, and therefore often out of mind. The one advantage they have over QR windows is the tabbed interface, which keeps multiple Notes documents in a single tidy window. Will QR windows ever gain a web browser-like tabbed interface, which can be optionally split out and merged back?

No, and project notes haven’t had a tabbed interface for a long time now. :slight_smile: