Incorrect Page Numbering

Hi, I have been having trouble getting scrivener to number the pages correctly. It has a prologue, which is clearly stated in the binder, but when compiled, it’s chapter one, when it’s not. Also, the front matter is numbered, even when the box is deselected. The prologue should be page 1 and so on. What am I doing wrong?

One solution is to give the Prologue a Section Type of Prologue and create a Section Layout for it without the <$p> Placeholder in the footer. Then Assign the Layout to the Section Type. Same for Epilogues.


I have assigned a section type for the prologue in the binder and compile. I’ve tried chapter, scene, structure based, chapter heading, even section, and it still uses “chapter one”.

Do you mean select edit in the drop-down list, and add “prologue”, “epilogue”? Where is the placeholder with the <$p>? Is it somewhere in the compile?

Double-click the Compile Format you use, so the Compile Format Designer Window opens.

You’ll find the Section Layouts in the first tab. Select the one closest to what you want and click the plus-sign icon to create a new Section Layout and call it Prologue Layout.

The Header and Footer settings are in the tab at the bottom left called Page Options. Remove the <$p> Placeholder from the footer for this Section Layout.

Don’t forget to Assign the Prologue Section Layout to the Prologue Section Type.


If a Frontmatter Layout exists, you might do the same. There’s a setting for that some where in the Options as well.

  • Section types correspond to logical kinds of document.
  • Figure out what kind of document a thing is (chapter, scene, book, etc) and give all documents of that kind the same section type (after creating the section type, if need be).
  • Hence all those documents will have the same formatting in Compile.
  • Create (or reuse existing) section layouts with the formatting you want.
  • Assign a section layout to each section type.
  • Section type names can be anything. Formatting depends on the layouts.
  • If you get chapter numbers (or anything else) in a document where you don’t want it, that means the section layout includes chapter number coding (or other thing you don’t want).
  • For chapter numbers specifically, there’d be an entry like chapter <$n> in the layout’s prefix or title options pane.
  • Remove or modify anything you don’t like.

I have assigned everything a section type. The prologue has worked by the epilogue hasn’t. Only the subtitle of the epilogue appears in the manuscript. I’ve looked in every setting and there is no <$> to remove like I did for the prologue. I’ve looked at what settings I used for the prologue, it’s the same, but it still doesn’t display “epilogue”.

You may need a folder called Epilogue. Likely the Text Content checkbox in the Section Layout is not ticked.
For full Control, you may need a Epilogue Section Layout and Assign it to the Epilogue Section Type.

If Compile generates a chapter number (or any automated number), there is a numerical placeholder tag such as <$n>, <$w>, <$hn>, <$t> ... to make that happen, in the section layout assigned to the section type of the affected document.