Incorrect wording in the user manual: Scriv3

Section 23.6 contains reference to the Option key. I think this is a Mac nomenclature and should be Alt key for Windows.

A quick Ctrl-F search shows two other occurences:
-Chapter 9.4 - Drag and Drop
- E10 - Dragging links

I think the manual should evolve to be neutral, a single manual for both platforms, saying Option/Alt each time. Where possible (as in Options vs Preferences), the app should switch to using the same word on both platforms.

Thanks for the notes! These instances will be fixed in the next revision, and in doing some poking around through the project, it looks like those are indeed the only three.

It’s probably a better idea in theory than practice, given the frequency of such small differences, and how much clutter it would add to the text to always be using multiple references to different platform specifics where terms cannot be merged. It’s not a huge problem for most things, which I can handle with Replacements (like typing in “!Preferences” and having it print the correct way depending on output target). Since just about every single keyboard shortcut is different anyway, having “Option|Alt” in the text is fine. Might as well keep the output concise and easier to read, rather than making my job ever so slightly easier. :slight_smile:

In short: I’m going to want to do mac/win specific text anyway, because nobody wants to read around such things as, “a window will open in Finder on a Mac, and in File Explorer on Windows”, vs “a window will open in XXXX”, etc. So if I’m going to do it, and have extensive workflow set up to handle it, I might as go all in.

Maintaining a manual is a tedious, ongoing project/task and not always very rewarding. Thank you for your efforts, AmberV.

Fortunately I have simple needs.The reward is to see it being referenced enough to find mistakes. :slight_smile: