Increase / decrease indent shortcut keys on Windows doesn't seem to work

I have bullet points in a list and wan to create deeper indented child items in some parts of the list. There is no button in the button bar to do this, to my surprise.

However I found via another query on this forum that there are options to do this under the Format / Paragraph / Increase/Decrease indents menu option. The issue is that using the menu is way too time consuming, so I need to use the shortcut keys, however they don’t work. They instead manipulate the entire Scrivener window within my monitor and move it around. It seems that these shortcut combinations using the Windows key already have another purpose defined.

Can anyone suggest what is going on here / a workaround ?

I remembered seeing this post, and I now see that no one followed up on it.

We released Scrivener version for Windows recently, and it has some corrections for the shortcuts on bulleted lists. The release notes are here.

Just wanted to follow up in case you didn’t see that banner.