Increase font size in the Inseactor

I have looked for this in the forum and not found a solution that works. Can anyone advise how you can increase the font size in the Inspector please? Especially the synopsis pane. I have increased it in the outliner, but there is no option in the Preferences pane for the Inspector to increase font size. In Preferances, under Editing, I clicked on the Formatting tab and found a section at the bottom that sets the Inspector comments font, and set it to a larger font, but nothing changed.

I selected the text in the comments, right clicked but there is no option to scale or increase the font size. Am I missing something here? I have the latest version of Scrivener. v3.2.2. I have read through the manual and, well, it must be buried in there somewhere, but … Help!
Thanks, Steve.

The Synopsis pane uses the Index Card font settings.

Hope this helps!

Wow! Thank yo so much.Yes! No wonder I couldn’t get it to change. Never thought of that. You know, it would be so easy to add a control for the Inspector font size in Preferences/Appearance/Inspector & Notes, where it should be. Not under Index cards.
Once again, thank you so much. I’ve been struggling with this for eons and my nose has been getting closer and closer to the screen in order to read it.
Regards, Steve.

I’m glad I could help. I was away from my Mac when I wrote that, but now I’ve had a chance to look at comments and how to zoom them:

  • Just click once on a comment to select it. Don’t click twice to select the text. There should be a highlighted border around the comment, and no insertion point in the text.
  • Now you can right click on the comment to get a context menu. The last item will be “zoom”. Select it and adjust to your liking.
  • When you’ve selected one comment as above, you can use the usual Mac shortcuts (shift-click, cmd-click, cmd-a) to select several comments and adjust them all.

Hope this helps!

CMD > and CMD < also control zoom levels in comments.

This thread was helpful. Thx. Font size changes all work fine in the default Inspector pane.

But - in Composition mode, the Inspector pane is a popup window. If I view a synopsis in this window, and I have a larger than default font size for “Index Card Titles” these do not display properly. Meaning: the title field in the popup will not accommodate the larger size title. The synopses themselves will display properly. Just the titles are a problem.

Any thoughts?

None here. :frowning:

The Composition Mode Inspector pop-up is adjustable. Just drag the edges of the window to make it whatever size you need.