Increase indentation of nested folders in outlliner?

Started using the beta for Windows for worldbuilding, so i have a lot of nested folders which works great, but the indent space when opening them in the outliner is kind of small and makes hard to distinguish nests.

There a way to increase it?

Also as a side, is there an option to change the selection color in the outliner, or just be able to deselect folders?

I’ve moved your post to the Windows beta forum. The one you posted to is for sharing tips and discussions on usage, not asking questions.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, look in the Appearance: Binder settings tab, and you’ll find a Binder and Outliner extra indent setting.
  2. As per standard usage, Ctrl-click is a selection toggle command, and so Ctrl-clicking on the last item in a selection will result in no selection. You could also of course use the Edit ▸ Deselect All command, but for some reason that doesn’t seem to ever be available. I’ll have to look up if that is even wired to anything at the moment.

Awesome, thank you!