Increase the Cap on icon size

Hi, I use a 32 inch monitor, and I can’t increase the Icon size beyond 40 pixels. This is very small and I’m hoping perhaps a update that would allow me to double, maybe even triple the size. Without the cap increasing to say 120 pixels or more I can’t use the feature. At my age my eyes aren’t what they use to be.

I should also add that I use 4k (2160p) resolution.

Seems to me that visibility trumps screen real estate. I think I would experiment with lower screen resolutions, like HD or full HD instead of UHD.

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Yeah this is a good temporary solution granted, but dicking around with my screen resolution to make use of Scrivener’s features is a little annoying ngl. Having a larger resolution is good for splitscreening documents. In this day and age you would expect software would have support for larger screens. I shouldn’t have to tweak my Window’s settings to accommodate software. I guess I’ll just have to hope that better support for 4k comes soon in the form of an update. Thanks for your reply :smile:

What is the Cap on icon?
Do you mean the caps lock indicator?
Isn’t that rather an OS thing?

I have one under Windows, but it’s a third party thing…

It means the icons can not get larger than 40px, appearantly.

Ahhh… Ok. My bad, I see.

I can’t increase it beyond 40 pixels.

2023-07-05 19_52_47


Out of curiosity, thinking it might be useful to me in other situations, I dug a little, and found this free app that offers more options and that is easier to activate and deactivate.
It also responds to mouse wheel movements, to further control the zoom factor.

It’s free.

Video : (with a downloadable in the description)

Or the x64 version :