Indent button

An indent button in the editor toolbar to indent (and unindent) paragraphs would be great (see screen shot). The current method using the ruler is a bit complicated.

Agree. Icing on a great cake. Btw: where’s the ruler in the iOS app? Haven’t found it.

I’d check out §15.4.3, Formatting Presets (Styles), in the user manual PDF. The ruler isn’t meant to be the primary formatting tool, but rather the thing you use to set up easier methods of formatting text.

Additionally, on a Mac there are some menu commands for indent control, which can be modified to use keyboard shortcuts, in the Format/Text/Increase or Decrease Indents/ sub-menu.

P.S. There is no ruler on iOS. Indents are controlled in the formatting panel using a system more like the Mac menu described above.