I get an indent at the top of my file and i desperately want to get rid of it but can’t - any guidance welcome :confused:

The Ruler (/Format/Show Ruler) lets you control indenting and tab stops. The bar shaped icon controls first-line indent, and the two downward arrows on the left and right control block indent offset. Everything else are tab stops. For no indent at all you want something like this:

And if you want to make no indent the default for all your new texts, set the ruler up that way in the Formatting pane of Scrivener>Preferences. You’ll need to either change the ruler manually in your pre-existing texts (you can load them all in a Scrivenings session and select all there to do it all at once) or else use Documents>Convert>Formatting to Default Text Style on all the existing documents you want to change (note that might change other formatting as well–it will make your documents match the default settings from the Preferences pane).