Independent Research window(s)

I posted this in the other forum, probably the wrong place.

Firstly, thankyou for making this excellent product. As a writer, it is something I have wanted for some time on the mac, but have never found anything that seemed ‘just right’.

I would like to make a suggestion, please.

After using scrivener for a short time the first thing that has hit me is the abscence of a project wide research section/pane (I know you have the project pane but it is far too limiting).

I would use this extra pane for character notes, scene descriptions, photos, pdf’s and anything else that applied to the entire project. Your current implementation of the research folder in the binder is limiting as it only opens in the same or other editor window.

Allowing the research folder (say) to open in an independent pane would allow the editor to split screens, which I find very useful, AND access to reference notes in an other pane.

All you need is an icon (button) in the top menu bar that toggles to allow the Research folder to open in an independent pane, or not. The pane should be either floatable or attachable to the main scrivener window.

Thats my two cents worth after using your excellent product. I downloaded and then purchased scrivener and am now using it to outline and develop the treatment for my next screenplay. My scads of reference material are now fully contained in the research folder and I have broken the text into acts and scenes. Very nice. Thank you again for such an excellent product at such a great price.


Hi. This issue has come up before. If you had looked a little farther down the list on this thread, you’d have seen this topic: … php?t=1582

Thanks for your kind words about Scrivener.

I’m not 100% sure that I understand your suggestion, given that you can already open anything that is contained in the Research folder in a separate split to the main text for reference. There are also Project Notes, available in the inspector, and as of 1.04 there will be a Project References table, too. There is also the scratch pad that can float over any windows…

Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for that Keith.

What I wanted was a global window pane that could be selected from the research folder in the same way that you can view any files within the research folder in the main editor pane using one or split windows. I was hoping that maybe the project pane in the inspector might allow me to view files within the research folder, and thus keep the selected file open regardless of what I selected in the binder to be displayed within either of the editor panes (when in split screen view). This would give me a pseudo third pane.

Look, Keith, I shall make do by copying and pasting those files that I want to be able to view continuously by copying them from the editor window and pasting them into the project window. This works but is a bit slow and cumbersome especially when I want to switch between files. But it does work.

However, this has highlighted some weird behaviour with the project pane, at least, something I was not expecting.

I initially dragged the name of one of the text files into the project folder, in the hope it would copy the contents of the file into the project folder. It copied the name of the file only (not the contents) and highlighted the name in the project folder in blue. When I clicked on this link, the main editor screen automatically split (it was originally not split) and the contents of the text file was displayed in the second split window. I added more names by dragging text files names across from the binder, thus creating more, I presume, links to these text files. I reset the editor pane back to one screen only. Clicking on any of the blue links in the project pane causes the main editor window to split and display the contents of the file I selected in the second split window.

Is it supposed to work this way? Is it just mimicking the way the binder works, but if this is the case, why does it automatically split the window?


You are creating Scrivener links - yes, that is exactly how it is supposed to work. Via the Navigation preferences pane you can set it up so that clicking on the links opens the file in the same pane, but by default it’s set to open in a split automatically.

Thanks again, Keith. Just needed clarification. Great software, a real boon to my writing.


Thanks. :slight_smile: