index card content not showing (scrivener2)

I’ve switched from scrivener 1 to 2, and upon importing MS Word and pdf files, only the index card headers are showing for the newly imported files in the corkboard–no content at all. Is this a bug?

No. The index cards show synopses of the documents - you will need to enter some synopses. In Scrivener 1.x, it automatically created synopses for imported documents based on the first few lines of text. Scrivener 2.0 no longer does this, because it confused new users into thinking that the index cards just showed the first few lines of text, which of course isn’t their intention at all, so we ended up getting a lot of support requests from users wondering why the index cards weren’t updating to show the first lines of their text after they’d edited it. If you really still want to use the first lines of the imported text, select the documents and use Documents > Auto-Generate Synopses.