Index Card Icons

I started up a new project and went straight to the corkboard to outline. After about six cards I started to procrastinate, a typical habit of writers. I saw there was an update to Scrivener, so I went for it. Everything went fine except … The icons I was getting while outlining in corkboard mode were cute little index cards. These really didn’t make sense out of the context of the corkboard, but I liked them all the same. When I went to make some more index cards, they came up with ‘blank 8.5"X11"’ looking icons. Nothing wrong with that, I figured, I can just change these new icons to the little index cards I’ve grown fond of. But, I can’t! There’s no option, in all of the numerous icons, for little index cards. What gives?

In all seriousness, you know what would be super helpful? (I hope it’s in there somewhere and I’m just missing it somehow.) If you could click on an object, be it a folder, document, or file, and pick an option, perhaps called properties, and see EVERYTHING about that object in a single dialogue box. Even if you couldn’t change anything, it would sure be nice to see what exactly IT is and what ITs properties are, whatever IT might be.

Very truly yours,

The index card icon appears when you’ve typed something in the synopsis field or in the body of the index card itself, but you haven’t added content to the document file. With nothing added whatsoever, New Text gives you a blank sheet of paper icon. If you open a document that is an index card icon and type something in the editor, the icon changes to a sheet of paper with writing on it.

To change the “blank sheets” into “index cards” simply click the file in the binder and in corkboard mode type something onto the face of the card.

Wow! The update was clearly a red herring. Thank you very much.